The beginning of mom-baby communication

Your baby’s development in week 16

You’re slowly getting to the halfway point of your pregnancy. Your little miracle is now between 5 and 6 inches long, weighs as much as 5 ounces and keeps on growing. They’re the size of a ripe avocado.

This week, your baby is starting to move their eyeballs, although their eyelids are still shut. The eyes are now framed by eyelashes and eyebrows. The face is getting its baby-like oval shape and features. The shape of the nose (which is rather flat and snub) allows the baby to breathe freely while nursing.

Your baby can hear!

Their ears are in the right place and the baby is starting to hear the first sounds. More precisely, they feel these sounds as vibrations on their skin because their hearing doesn’t fully develop until week 24 of pregnancy.

Your baby is exercising fervently and moving around a lot. If you’re rather slender, you may already feel the first movements of your baby. At this point, these aren’t strong kicks but rather soft tickles and brushes.

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