Feeling Nauseous? Try these 4 products

Morning Sickness Candy

These candies are not only a great delicacy for pregnant mothers, but above all an effective cure for nausea.
“I’ve been nonstop nauseous for the last four weeks so I went out on a limb and tried this. I’ll be honest, the price intimidated me a little but now that Ive been enjoying them for the last week, It’s totally worth it! The flavor is so good, especially given what’s in them, and the packaging is great and minimal as well.

It also helps that they’re discreet since no one knows I’m expecting yet! And really, the best part is that they really make me feel better for extended periods of time. The directions say 1-6 per day, and I’ve really only needed 2 most days. Definitely worth trying if you’re experiencing nausea or morning sickness!”
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Nausea Aromatherapy Inhaler

The advantage of this inhaler is its wide use. It is perfect for combating all symptoms of morning nausea, as well as car sickness, for example.
“Really worked!!! I suffered from hyperemesis gravidarum both pregnancies except I got this little magic stick when I got pregnant with my second. It was such a lifesaver for me!! If I smelled anything food related my baby basically told me to throw up so smelling this every time I felt nauseous, especially while driving- pulling this out and smelling it instantly saved me from puking everywhere. This was so perfect to carry around everywhere and I could keep it at my my desk without someone wondering what I was doing. Loved it!! Mine also lasted my whole nine months of pregnancy it was worth it”
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Nausea Relief Wristband

Are you tired of feeling nauseous? This wristband applies pressure to the pressure point on your wrist to quickly relieve morning sickness symptoms.
Promising review: “Waves crashing over a sailboat in the North Sea on a VBT sailing and biking vacation in the North Sea in October 2018 were no match for these wrist bands, which quickly quieted an uneasy stomach once I put them on. Three travelers used these wrist bands and did not feel seasick, while those who did not use them were in poor shape. Like many other reviewers, I was skeptical that these bands would work to prevent seasickness, but they actually are surprisingly effective, and are reusable and an exceptional value.. I did bring medicine for seasickness, but with these wrist bands, I did not need to use the medicine. I recommend this product. (DH)” Buy it on Amazon.

Anti-nausea Balm

The balm soothes, relaxes, and calms your body. It is an excellent complement to an anti-nausea wristband.
“I have extreme chronic nausea, take 2 double strength nausea pills 3x/day, doesn’t help much but I tried this and I was amazed, it truly helps a lot even for me! I would absolutely use this on a child vs the disgusting pink nausea otc liquid. Something about the slight mentholated smell is calming and I truly don’t understand how a topical works on nausea but it does! So perfect for pregnancy nausea, travel nausea, etc. the only drawback is potential staining on your clothing so I just wear a cami to protect clothing . I also suggest SeaBands acupressure bands, but they are kinda uncomfortable, still better than being mind numbingly stupid from meds”
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